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The Pastoral Council is the principal planning body for Holy Family Catholic Church.  The members, who serve, collaborates with the Pastor on all aspects of parish life.  The Council meets every other month to develop long range goals, to monitor progress in meeting the parish’s mission and to seek ways to deepen the faith life of the parish community.  All registered adult parishioners are encouraged to consider service as a Pastoral Council member and may be nominated for election.

The Pastoral Council seeks to serve the entire Holy Family  community.  We want to share our thoughts with you, and we're posting the Minutes from each of our meetings here once they are approved.  We also want to know what you think.  Please feel free to contact any member of the Pastoral Council via email by clicking on their name below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Council Officers

Council Members

Emelda August - Member

Luis Garci Baco - Member

Jack Beers - Member

Kevin Dunlop - Member

Robert Ham - Member

Terry Mannion - Member

Mauricio Martinez - Member

Anselm Ojuah - Member

Deborah Rogers - Member

John Zurcher - Member


Parish Council News

We would like to welcome the new members of the Parish Council: Ed Fairbairn, Kevin Dunlop, and Mauricio Martinez.


The Officers for 2023-2024 year are: Wayne Mattson - Chairman,  Kevin McVicker - Vice Chairman – Secretary - Ed Fairbairn


Los oficiales para el 2023-2024 son:  Wayne Mattson—Presidente,  Kevin McVicker—Vice-Presidente, Ed Fairbairn—Secretario


We also want to thank our outgoing members, Carol Kreiger and Ellen Marcy for all their work for the council and the Parish.


Felicitamos a los nuevos miembros del Consejo pastoral:  Ed Fairbairn,  Kevin Dunlop, y Mauricio Martinez..

Los nuevos oficiales para el 2022-23 son:  Wayne Mattson—Presidente,  Kevin McVicker—Vice-Presidente, Joshua Munoz—Secretario

Además, deseamos agradecer a aquellos que se retiran del Consejo:  Carol Kreiger y Ellen Marcy por todas sus labores.