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Toni Papp
Director of Youth Ministry & Faith Formation
703-670-8161 x311   
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Things We Do

A guide to the events at Holy Family
PULSE – time each week (usually Sunday evenings) for high school teens to get together for dinner, games, discussions about the Catholic faith, hot button issues in the world, more food, prayers, sports, silliness and Jesus! Open to all high school teens regardless of faith, friends welcome. Registration requested but not required.
What does PULSE mean? In order to be alive, we must have a pulse. In order to be truly alive, we must have Jesus as the center of our hearts and living within us. He is our “pulse”, our way to eternal life. If we are cut off from Jesus, through sin, we are not truly alive. Our PULSE nights will focus on ways to always keep Jesus at our center.
RALLY – (for high schoolers) – an all-day event of giant inflatable games, Mass, workshops on cool stuff like Respecting Life, gangs, chastity, college life, praise & worship music, Stump-the-Priest, vocations, missionary work, and tons more. Giveaway items (usually a cool t-shirt), food & more food, an awesomely cool Christian rock band. Cost involved, but a special “money-back guarantee” is offered. Usually scheduled in October.
BASH – (for middle schoolers) – a most of the day event of rides, giant inflatable games, music, comedy, Mass, and just super cool fun all day. Includes tons of pizza, ice cream, sodas, and some exclusive cool giveaway item that you just have to have. Scheduled in May.
WorkCamp – a week of repairing and renovating homes for people challenged physically, mentally, financially, or just in need of some help. Includes lots of music, prayer, fun, daily Mass, and lots of time, a deepening of faith. Occurs somewhere in the Diocese of Arlington (still in Virginia), the last week in June and July. Preparation begins in January and includes monthly meetings, an overnight retreat, fundraising events, and a willingness to do something for others.
World Youth Day (WYD) – an international pilgrimage occurring every 2-3 years for young adults (ages 16 – 35) from all over the world. Occurs in different cities/countries each time.  A week of catechesis (teachings by fabulous speakers), music festivals, meeting thousands of new people, Adoration with the Pope, a pilgrimage walk (a spiritual and physical journey to a destination) to the overnight Vigil and Papal Mass. Requires fundraising, occasional meetings, passport, a willingness to commit to the preparation plans, and must be 16 years of before the trip begins.
Twilight Retreat – for high school seniors and college students. An evening beginning with dinner and praise & worship music, and includes Adoration, small group talks relevant to college life and transitions to college life, ending with a super-cool fun social event, like Cosmic Bowling, ice or roller skating, or broom-ball. Usually in January.
Lock-in – (for middle school) – an overnight at the church, with 12 full hours of games, movies, discussions, prayer, food, and fun. Friends welcome. Usually in December or the spring.
High School Retreat – a weekend away from the distractions of the world. A fun, intense, prayerful weekend, meant to solidify your understanding of your faith, build strong relationships, and give an opportunity to unwind from the stresses of the secular world. Themes vary. Open to all high school teens, even from other parishes. Usually in the spring.
Confirmation retreats – Weekend retreats offered to fulfill diocesan requirements for Confirmation. Confirmed high school teens that are attending Mass and are an active participant in the parish can help facilitate (or lead) the retreats. Adults & young adults also needed as small group leaders or logistics support. All adults & young adults (18+ and out of high school) must complete the diocesan background check and Virtus training prior to volunteering. Preparations begin in early January and the retreats are in Feb. and March.
Hayride – a day in the country, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over a bonfire, visiting the petting farm, tossing pumpkins, jumping on the biggest pillow you have ever seen, riding go-carts and a moonlit ride in a hay wagon out to the pumpkin patch. Open to anyone, including friends and families.
Christmas Caroling – a night of singing traditional Christmas songs around Dale City, visiting our parishioners that are unable to leave their homes.